Somango 47 by Positronics Seeds

Dec 30, 16 Somango 47 by Positronics Seeds

It is with huge pride that we present our latest Strain of the Month – the delicious Somango 47 by Positronics Seeds. Sometimes nicknamed The Beast, it delivers a complex, satisfying, and seriously strong high when smoked – it’s a real head-turner!

Sometimes, a cannabis plant arrives that’s of such exquisite quality it’s quickly referred to as a future classic. This could – and indeed has – been said of Somango 47 by Positronics Seeds, but we’re willing to go a step further and declare it a true classic right here, right now! Since its conception, this one has been affectionately referred to as The Beast by cannabis connoisseurs and back-room breeders. Now that it’s been made commercially available, seed aficionados everywhere have been given the chance to see whether it lives up to its name – and GYO Seedbank is of the opinion that it certainly does.

Somango 47 By Positronics Seeds

An amazing plant with a superb pedigree.

When planted, the seeds develop in all their glory into a sweet and fruity plant that remains compact yet displays interesting complexity in the structure and shape of its branches. This ripper is characterised by its short internodal distance that will form strong arms which perfectly support the weight of foliage and large flower clusters. What’s more, the size and colour of the leaves make her a real head-turner – in the sense that she’s a plant that’s sure to turn your mates’ heads green with envy!

As you might expect from the name, she’s a sweet and fruity little beaut in terms of her flavour and aroma. Think tropical fruits and just a hint of spiced rum and you’re getting close: it’s so sweet, so refreshing, so mango! When smoked, the buzz is warming and pleasant yet it still packs a powerful punch so smokers are advised to approach her tentatively at first. All in all, it’s satisfying, comforting, and a perfect experience to enjoy in the garden. A plant that was made to be shared!

What’s more, Somango 47 by Positronics Seeds cannabis seeds are available with double Eucalyptus Points this January. So act now, and bag a true classic product at today’s price, for tomorrow’s generation to enjoy!

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