Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds

Sep 27, 16 Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds

Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds. If you’re looking for an autoflowering plant that performs like no other then your search is over. This is no ordinary auto – it’s a Heavyweight Auto!

Sometimes, in the wonderful world of cannabis cultivation, a seed arrives that’s so aptly named it really speaks for itself – and Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds is one such variety! This fantastic specimen grows so quickly that you can almost see it getting bigger in real time. What’s more, there’s no compromise when it comes to yields: even relatively inexperienced gardeners can achieve harvests of 600 – 800 g/m2 indoors or up to 200 g/plant outside. That’s what you call a ripper!
The genetics of Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds can be traced back to Afghani, Skunk, and White Dwarf, which places it comfortably on the indica side of the spectrum. With a whopping THC count of 17% – 19%, this is the sort of smoke that can be best sampled in small doses. The effect is quick-hitting and extremely convincing, but there’s just enough sativa present to keep things from getting too heavy. Put simply, this is a great one to enjoy when you want to chill out and plunge deep into relaxation. Luckily, most users will remain lucid enough to enjoy a good conversation or take in a mind-bending movie – it is a well-balanced high characterised by pure bliss.
It should go without saying that the breeders have taken the utmost care to ensure the massive yields do not adversely affect the quality of the finished bud. Gardeners will gasp in wonder as the long, thick, crystal-covered buds explode with a cloud of soft, sweet, and spicy aromas. And then there’s the flavour – sugary and slightly sharp, and lingering on the palate like the aftertaste of a fine white wine. Delicious!
In fact, here at GYO Seedbank, we’re so impressed by Fast and Vast Auto by Heavyweight Seeds that we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points on this seed for the whole of October. You lucky, lucky things.

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