Money Maker by Strain Hunters

Sep 28, 16 Money Maker by Strain Hunters

They say there’s more to life than money, but a little bit of the green stuff (money that is!) can’t hurt… Our latest strain of the month is Money Maker by Strain Hunters – a cannabis variety that’s rich in every sense of the word!

Money Maker by Strain Hunters is a blend of three much-loved old-school cannabis varieties, all of which are allowed to shine through in the finished product. This regal strain combines the strength and vitality of Master Kush with the relaxing, all-over body stone of Hindu Kush and the sweet, saccharine flavour of the famous Skunk #1. In cannabis terms, there’s no family tree stronger than this!
Money Maker by Strain Hunters is an indica-dominant cross that’s just as adored and appreciated by connoisseurs as it is by beginners. It’s quite easy to grow and great for cash-cropping – but it’s also so good that many growers can’t resist keeping it all for themselves. This is a moreish little number that really rewards her owner come harvest time!
The aroma is a sharp and tangy combination of spicy winter berries and fresh, piney Kush. Similarly, Money Maker by Strain Hunters oozes a complex and earthy mixture of flavours that calls to mind dried fruits and roasted nuts.
When smoked, the effect is immediate and very relaxing, which is perhaps why most fans decide to reserve this one for the end of the day. For similar reasons, it’s said to be a good choice for insomnia and is good for stimulating the appetite – so tokers are advised to have snacks at the ready in case of a sudden attack of the munchies!
For October, we are extremely proud to offer Double Eucalyptus Points on this incredible seed. So go ahead – shake your money maker while you can!

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