Strain of the Month: Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized

May 31, 17 Strain of the Month: Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized

The latest offering in GYO Seedbank’s Strain of the Month series is Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized – a plant which represents the breeder’s first foray into the world of medicinal marijuana production. As always, we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points as part of the June promotion… so, if your interest has been piqued, then read on!

The merits of medicinal marijuana have long been championed and remain a topic of lively debate in cannabis forums across the land. Here, Shaman Genetics proudly present the results of their first steps into the world of therapeutic marijuana strains with the fantastic Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized. This little number contains genetics from CBD Crew Z7 which has been used to pollinate a Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk. The result is a really chilled-out plant that’s high in CBD with all the added benefits of a THC kick.

When grown indoors, Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized flowers in 60 – 70 days, and it’s ready during the first couple of weeks of October when grown outside. There’s a good balance of indica and sativa here although the overall emphasis is on the latter, leading to a cerebral, uplifting, yet relaxing and chilled-out buzz that’s ideal for medical users who are seeking relief from a variety of ailments. Having said that, it also has something to offer the recreational toker, and it’s perfect for unwinding with after a stressful day at work.

The yields are great too, so there’s always plenty to share around with your nearest and dearest. In fact, Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized can produce harvests of up to 550 g/m2 inside and 650 g/plant al fresco. Put simply, it’s a seed that delivers on all levels and one that’s surely deserving of a space in your collection.

As with all of our June Strains of the Month, we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points on this beauty to make it easier than ever for you to preserve it in your stash. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our online weed seed shop without further ado!

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