Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – Strain of the Month

One of our latest Strains of the Month is Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – a plant that sees Medical Kush and Orange Bud get jiggy to create a 60% indica specimen with an arousing orange and apricot flavour. When smoked, a cheerful, energetic high with strong relaxing body stone ensues, making this a great one for getting the conversation started at a social gathering. And with double Eucalyptus Points available for a limited time, it’s almost too good to be true!

Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush is a great one for anyone who wants a fun-loving, happy buzz that’s complimented by an invigorating and sharp aroma and flavour. These tall and slender beauties boast potent orange flowers and a distinctive citrus and apricot taste that’s a true epicurean’s delight, and makes for a perfect after-dinner dessert smoke. Recreational users are advised to have the snacks handy in case of a sudden attack of the munchies!

In terms of genetic make-up, Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush is 60% indica which leads to a well-balanced buzz that affects the whole body without leading to couchlock. The parent plants – Medical Kush and Orange Bud – both shine through here, although the Kush genetic is particularly prominent. Indoor flowering time is 9 – 10 weeks, and outdoors, harvests will be ready around the end of October or the beginning of November. All round, it’s an intriguing and unusual plant, and one of our favourites from this breeder – hence its worthy position as one of GYO’s highly-coveted Strains of the Month!

When Blazed, Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush produces a happy and energetic head high coupled with a strong yet relaxing body stone. What’s more, it’s said to have a number of potential medical applications and has been used to treat depression, stress, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

As with all seeds in the Strain of the Month series, you can currently get your hands on Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush with the added bonus of double Eucalyptus Points. In our opinion, this is a seed that no collector should be without, and we’d love to hear whether you agree. So grab yourself a bargain, and please don’t forget to share your comments!

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