Why stone overs are nothing to really worry about

Nov 22, 17 Why stone overs are nothing to really worry about

Waking up with a hangover is, in a way, pretty awful, it can change the mood and tone of your whole day. It is pretty much always effective in a negative way, often making your day worse. For  me right now, it is impacting upon my work life, my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity and I’m generally a lot worse off than I would be normally. Alcohol consumption, for me, acts as a sort of perpetuating regret in that every time I drink I regret it the morning after, however, I do quite like drinking but I will not pretend for a second that it’s particularly beneficial for you in any physical way.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the thought of a stone-over, which is like the quaint alternative to the hangover. If a hangover were to be a city then a stone-over is a village, relaxed and chilled out, not too hectic.

Waking up with a stone-over might make you a bit slower than usual however it’s a nice slow. It makes you drift through the day at a slower pace to everyone else.

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