Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – Strain of the Month

Here, GYO Seedbank shines its Strain of the Month spotlight on Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – an awesome specimen with massive yields that last longer than a pornstar on Viagra and a fragrant bouquet that smells better than a bed of roses. You’ll forget your pain and troubles in no time at all but you won’t forget this offspring of the legendary Amnesia Haze in a hurry!

Strain Hunters’ Damnesia comes from an ingenious crossing of the so-called AMS (Anti-mould strain) and the legendary Amnesia Haze. The result is a fantastic, robust plant that’s resistant to pests and diseases and is without a doubt an absolute joy to grow, regardless of whether it is cultivated indoors or outside.

As they mature, the plants that result from these feminized seeds reach a medium-to-tall height and boast extra-long branches with super-sized, elongated and extremely resinous flower clusters in the shape of a fox’s tail. The amount of orange pistils decreases toward the top of the bud, where the prevalent colour is lime-green. Put simply – it’s a joy to look at, and it’s so pretty you’ll hardly want to cut it down.

But cut it down you will, because the scent of the copious buds is simply too good to resist! The buds of Strain Hunters’ Damnesia have an aroma of black pepper, incense and sandalwood, whereas the smoke is a complex mix of flowery, mossy, fruity and woodsy flavours with a lingering sativa aftertaste.

And once you do chop it, there’s sure to be plenty to go around and to share with your eager mates. In fact, reared in a grow-room, Strain Hunters’ Damnesia has the potential to yield up to 900 g/m2 after 9 weeks of flowering. The buds can become extremely heavy, so support for the branches may be required in the later stage of the flowering period. In an outdoor plantation the biggest specimen can deliver up to 1kg!

And then there’s the smoking experience. Caution is advised here, for sure, since the high is intense and long lasting. It’s perfectly suited for creative moments, chatting, and laughing with pals. This ripper eliminates pain and replaces it with a strong case of the munchies – so make sure you have a box of snacks at the ready, because you might not want to move for a while!

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