Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm

Feb 16, 16 Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm

Pineapple Chunk. After years of unprecedented success, it is time we asked exactly what it is that makes Pineapple Chunk so popular.

Pineapple Chunk Genetic Profile: Pineapple x Skunk #1 Exodus Cheese Cut

Pineapple Chunk feminized weed seeds are an indica-dominant hybrid with a reputation for greatness. The hit from the bud is total: a full-body buzz and a spaced-out, giggly cerebral stone.

The aroma has more cheese and pineapple than an 80s buffet, with an added tang of Skunk completing the unique and enjoyable palate – a brilliant alternative to a traditional pudding, some might say!

What pleases the majority of GYO customers about the Chunk, however, is the ultra-reliability and stability of the plant. They love the fact that it is hugely mould and disease resistant, that it is very easy to grow and has an indoor flowering period of just 55 days. But they also love the fact that the Chunk happens to be cheaper at GYO than anywhere else, including Barney’s Farm!!!

Here’s what the fans have to say:

‘I love the cheesy flavours and the germ rates are better than anything else on the market.’

‘I am a big fan of Cheese strains in general but the Chunk is the best one out there.’

‘It makes me feel like what a ghost would feel after being caught and stored in the Ghostbuster’s trap, but in a brilliant way. Like being folded up and put in a drawer…magic.’

Medically speaking, the cerebral zing from Pineapple Chunk means it probably isn’t so great for sleeplessness or anxiety, but it has superb analgesic effects and can be deeply, deeply relaxing.

Overall, this is a fantastic strain, it has been an industry giant for many years and continues to gain new fans with every sprout. We are now offering the Chunk with double Eucalyptus Points so if you haven’t slam-dunked a Chunk before, there could not be a better time.

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