Strain review: Blue Power by Vision Seeds

Dec 27, 17 Strain review: Blue Power by Vision Seeds

Christmas is now over, that means we are in the final days of the year 2017, whether the year has been good or bad for you, it is crucial that you head towards the new year head held high and ready to have your best year thus far! To do that my cannabis-crazy friends you must have power, green and red are the colours of Christmas which is, for now, in our rear view mirror. For the start of something new then maybe you should look to blue as the source of your power.

It may seem that I was just rambling for a bit there, however, I am alluding to Blue Power by Vision Seeds, or attempting to, as the cannabis strain to soothe you in the coming times! I mean, it really does live up to it’s name!

Vision Seeds’ Blue Power seeds is one of the prettiest and most productive cannabis hybrids that Vision have to offer. With a steady hand and a little luck, the Blue Power produces extremely generous yields; she has a dense and robust indica posture with beautiful purple and blue flowers which cure to a soft lavender. She has a smooth smoke with a distinctive fruity flavour and aroma, a taste deliciously dominated by the Blueberry heritage.

The Blue Power historical genetic make-up truly represents genetics from all over the world: from India, Thailand and Mexico to as far as Colombia, this is mainly thanks to DJ Short who, with the development of the Blueberry line, stands at the genetic base of the Blue Power.

The Blue Power, with its punchy THC levels, has a very powerful, uplifting effect. This, coupled with her high levels of CBD, produces a strain extremely well-suited for medicinal purposes. Blue Power does wonders for people struggling with anxiety, stress or migraines and has been used to successfully help control the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.

If all this sounds appealing to you, check out Blue Power from Vision Seeds!

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