Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Jun 23, 17 Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Bubblegummer is an exciting cannabis strain. If strains could be sweet and savoury, then Bubblegummer is most definitely sweet, if you couldn’t tell by the name of the strain. This bud is the equivalent of candy when it comes to marijuana, candy cannabis, from the sweet, luxurious tastes it exudes.

Originally, the BubbleGum cannabis was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. lt has taken many generations to finally produce this stable BubbleGummer with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous cannabis strain. Female Seeds BubbleGummer feminised cannabis seeds grow vigorously and finish flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet, certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing gum scent and flavour. A medium tall, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy) cannabis plant, producing compact, crystal covered buds.

When you grow the BubbleGummer you can expect a seed-to-harvest time of 77 days following an unusually vigorous growth period. It is an extremely resinous and super-sweet plant, with crystal-covered buds that bunch compactly around the thick middle and give off a distinctive bubblegum aroma.

The bouquet is described as juicy bubblegum, which is a pretty enticing sounding flavour, as mentioned before your mind wanders towards the thought of sweets as a child. However, with Bubblegummer you cannot blow bubbles which is probably the only downside, but I guess the high makes up for that.

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