Strain review: Euforia by Dutch Passion

Aug 14, 17 Strain review: Euforia by Dutch Passion

To feel euphoria is to feel overwhelming pleasure. Which, I would imagine, is a positive element in almost any situation. I say almost as there are situations wherein overwhelming pleasure may not be an appropriate feeling. Either way, Euforia from Dutch Passion really lives up to it’s namesake, giving users an angelic, heavenly feeling. The high is floaty, and very quick acting, it is great for users who are just wanting a little something to relax them. However, given the strength of the high, Euforia is also brilliant for medical purposes, such as pain relief as advocated by experts originally in the 90’s up to the modern day.

Euforia is a special strain born of the Dutch Passion Skunk breeding drive – the program that delivered a rich Skunk family including the original Skunk #1, Skunk#11, Skunk Passion, Orange Bud and Euforia. Dutch Passion Seeds Euforia feminized cannabis seeds were initially noticed for the high yields of 400 – 600g/m2 and for proving to be reliably strong and stable. She is very easy to clone and makes a perfect mother plant to take cuttings from, with the cuttings all developing into healthy uniform plants.

Users immediately noted the special euphoric high that was associated with the strain. Medical growers from the 90s to the present day have told us how good this is for pain relief and particularly for stress relief. A couple of the Dutch Passion staff rate this as their personal favourite and it is one that should be tried by all growers. The plants are 1 – 1.5m tall, with a fresh smell and a rich skunky taste, though not too sweet. The calyx-to-leaf ratio seems roughly 50/50. THC levels have been seen around 18% which makes this potent in the extreme. This is a special Skunk beauty that you will grow to love and love to grow.

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