Strain review: Fruit Punch by Heavyweight Seeds

Sep 27, 17 Strain review: Fruit Punch by Heavyweight Seeds

Sweet, but with strength to it. A real party starter. These things are what come to mind when you think of Fruit Punch. For me it also reminds of me of American television when I was younger, with most social events being catered with a bowl of fruit punch to kick things off. Perhaps this is my jaded memory looking back in fondness at easier times. Well at least there is something that makes everything easier, and that is Fruit Punch from Heavyweight Seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds Fruit Punch Auto feminised cannabis seeds are sativa-dominant known for being unusually tall for an auto thus the plants take a little longer to finish than their indica and indica-dominant counterparts. They take around 10 – 12 weeks from seed but once you witness the majesty of the finished plant, you will realise that those extra few days’ wait were more than worth it. Giant buds, thick with resin…soft, sweet flavours…enchanting aromas of warm lemon and lime invoking the breeze through a Mediterranean orchard…this is a punch of real class and a very special plant.

Auto Fruit Punch is quick, stable and reliable.  fantastic choice for the novice and a nice, easy option for experienced gardeners looking for a chilled-out grow. The effects are convivial to say the least, with a high that is cerebral, creative and chatty, and one that poses a real danger of extreme, uncontrollable laughter.

The Haze gene is the most dominant with this plant, and fans of Amnesia and Super Silver will absolutely love this strain, as will pretty much everybody else who tries her.

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