Strain review: Jack Herer by GYO Seedbank

Aug 22, 17 Strain review: Jack Herer by GYO Seedbank

Jack Herer is pretty much as legendary and iconic as it gets in the cannabis industry. The man was known for leading the fight to legalise marijuana throughout the 70’s and up until his death in 2010. Known as ‘The Emperor of Hemp’ or ‘The Hemperor’ Herer ran for president on two occasions and eventually found himself immortalised in the creation of his own cannabis strain. Said cannabis strain is what we are here to discuss today!

This bud is the crème-de-la-crème of cannabis strains, and is one of the most famous varieties out there. It achieves the perfect balance of a strong sativa high and fantastic indica resin production – this is the type of plant that has to be sampled in order to be believed.

GYO Seedbank Jack Herer feminised cannabis seeds produce a plant that does not disappoint. Its buds are thickly frosted in a carpet of trichomes that extends to spear leaves, fans leaves and even to the stems and stalks. When smoked, there are clear elements of both indica and sativa – it’s relaxing without being too sleep-inducing, creative without being too off-the-wall, and long-lasting without being too intense. A fantastic plant all round and a true legend.

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