Super Lemon Haze CBD by GreenHouse Seeds

Oct 28, 16 Super Lemon Haze CBD by GreenHouse Seeds

Our November Strain of the Month is Super Lemon Haze CBD by Greenhouse Seeds – a cannabinoid-enriched sativa plant with enormous yields and a poignant, spiritual high.

Sometimes it makes sense to take an already-perfect plant and put a new twist on it in order to ramp things up to 110% in all departments. This is certainly the case with this Hazy offering from one of the most respected cannabis breeders out there.
The original Super Lemon Haze is renowned for its zingy, zesty cerebral buzz – it’s a smoking experience that really represents the true essence of pure sativa and sativa-dominant strains. This new CBD-enriched version gives a less intense, other-worldly buzz that still retains the ultra-relaxing and profoundly thought-provoking potential of the original plant.
The great news is that it’s also an incredibly cost-effective way to keep a delicious, bulging supply of medicinal-quality marijuana that’s well suited for the relief of a multitude of different ailments. The yields are huge when grown indoors, and even more so when grown al fresco. Gardeners can expect up to 800 g/m2 indoors and 1200 g/plant outdoors, and with never any longer than an 11 week flowering period (10 weeks indoors). It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!
As if this wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, the Super Lemon Haze CBD by GreenHouse Seeds also benefits from many more of the cup-winning qualities of its sativa-dominant parentage, including mouth-watering flavours, a bittersweet citrus and cracked black pepper aroma, and the so-called ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1 CBD:THC. There’s something here for medicinal users and recreational tokers alike.
Overall, it’s a gentle, long-lasting and extremely chilled out affair that also happens to be one of the tastiest buds on the planet. We are so stoked to have Super Lemon Haze CBD by GreenHouse Seeds in our catalogue that we’re offering Double Eucalyptus points on this seed for November only – so take advantage of this great offer right away, and be sure to tell all your friends!

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