Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds

Feb 28, 17 Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds

It’s time for another great Strain of the Month promotion from GYO Seedbank, complete with double Eucalyptus Points as an added incentive! This time, the spotlight is shining brightly on Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds – an outrageously good marijuana plant that is particularly remarkable thanks to its sharp yet delicate lemon aroma and flavour. But this one has more to offer than bouquet alone…

Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds is the perfect strain for gardeners who are looking for a productive and prolific plant that’s ready in lightning quick speed. This ripper has an 80/20 indica/sativa ratio and an indoor flowering time of just 55 days, and is best known for its fantastic lemon flavour that’s accompanied by a tangy, sharp, citrus aroma.

She needs a little more tender love and care than some other plants, but gardeners are sure to be rewarded for the care and attention they endow upon this lovely lady. As with all loving relationships, the key to achieving good results is to treat her the way she deserves! In this case, as with many other OG Kush varieties, it is advisable to steer clear of fertiliser and irrigation water, as Super OG Kush is somewhat delicate. Give her what she wants and you’re guaranteed a plant that’ll impress your friends and knock your socks off with her potency and vigour.

The smoking experience is a classic indica Kush affair with a contemplative and meditative stoned effect. This is a great one to enjoy in small groups of friends when chilling out and chatting is the only thing on the agenda. It’s best reserved for evenings, although it can be enjoyed in the daytime when the calendar is clear. A party smoke, however, it is not. Quite conversely, it’s a plant to get deep with!

Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds is currently available with double Eucalyptus Points for this month only. There’s no better time than the present to browse the online catalogue and add this fantastic seed to your stash – and if you already have it, then why not gift it to one of your nearest and dearest chums? Everyone’s a winner!

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