Why are synthetics more dangerous than cannabis could ever dream of being?

Sep 25, 17 Why are synthetics more dangerous than cannabis could ever dream of being?

Synthetics or ‘legal highs’, as they were commonly referred to as in Britain, are quite a big thing, their popularity seems to fluctuate frequently and for the life of me, I cannot see why. They are overly powerful psychoactives which can quickly incapacitate the user if abused. Every couple of years some big, new legal high comes along and you find the streets littered with packets boasting words like ‘Herbal Haze’ or ‘Clockwork Orange’ branded in morbidly foreboding fonts and styles. After numerous coverage of the substances’ dangers, synthetics briefly go out of fashion, before smashing back onto the scene with something which smells and tastes worse than before (if you can believe it) while also getting those who smoke it in substantially worse states than anything which came before.

The current fad/trend is ‘Spice’ which may sound familiar, as it is not new, which bucks the trend somewhat. The first reason for this, is that most ‘legal highs’ no longer live up to their name, being now illegal. This means that there are less new synthetics being made and pretty much none being sold in Britain legally.

‘Spice’ was perhaps the first synthetic I became aware of, and this was some years ago, however, the surge in popularity which has come from it recently is mind boggling. I would theorise that much of the popularity of ‘legal highs’ in general comes from them being advertised and reported on as synthetic marijuana or an alternative to marijuana which, as you know, is still illegal in Britain, and legal things are less frowned upon, so to many younger people it may seem like a better alternative to smoking cannabis.

As we have all quickly learned, this is not the case, I have never seen as many zombified people lent against walls or sat as if in some trance, staring against the floor as I do at present. Certainly I have never seen these happenings come from traditional stoners.

Synthetics and cannabis only really share a handful of similarities, one being that they can both be smoked and the other being that they are both psychoactive, the similarities pretty much stop there. The psychoactive element of synthetics has been cranked up to eleven resulting in an intolerable and unmanageable high which can leave users permanently affected.

Making synthetics illegal was a great first step for Britain, however, if these aren’t distanced from cannabis and spoken about as their own drugs then a small crisis may become a lot bigger and subsequently a lot more dangerous.

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