Things to be avoided when you’re high

Jan 19, 18 Things to be avoided when you’re high

When you are stoned you are certainly more susceptible to the environment around you as well as being more prone to cravings and urges. These cravings normally manifest themselves in terms of hunger or rather ‘the munchies’ which can be enjoyable, providing you have the means to satiate these urges. In terms of the former point regarding the environment you’re in, when you are stoned you may be affected by being in a negative environment just as you would be in say a positive environment, meaning things can go very well whereas occasionally things can go very badly.

A lot of people who have smoked marijuana for the first time and had bad experiences likely know what I am talking about, for many people it can be things like being pressured into doing something by your mates. This combined with what people have been taught about ‘weed’ as dangerous can lead to them having bad experience and thus blaming the marijuana completely. This also brings me to the time Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow smoked marijuana in a controlled environment to test its strength and danger and found it highly unpleasant. Perhaps Snow failed to realise that no one is entirely at ease in an MRI machine.

So yeah avoid MRI machines and dodgy mates and it should be plain sailing, obviously, if you don’t want to smoke marijuana then don’t do it, you will save yourself the pain and not tarnish the reputation of cannabis.

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