Is it time for medical cannabis on NHS?

Nov 06, 17 Is it time for medical cannabis on NHS?

NHS is one of the Britain’s institutions, it’s pride and joy so to speak, we complain about, it may have it’s problems but where would we be without the good old National Health Service?

Well, we would probably be a lot less healthy and worse off physically, we have cheap and easy access to healthcare, accessible to anyone in Britain. This is generally something us brits take for granted, but you only need to look at the debates and arguments surrounding costly health care programs in other countries, I’m looking at you America, to see that we have it pretty good on that front. Long have we feared that out health care services may be snatched away from us in favour of a more privatised system ran by big businesses which would only really ever favour the more elite members of our society.

However, is it time for the NHS to evolve and delve into less explored areas, walk the more unbeaten path if you will, is it finally time for medical cannabis to be available on the NHS?

I think the immediate answer to this is a resounding yes. There is too much evidence which hints favourably at cannabis being beneficial to sufferers of cancers, muscle disorders and mental illness among other things. On top of this, there have already been a number of promising stories from those who have had to look outside of the traditional NHS medication available, in many cases even breaking the law, to secure themselves or their loved ones cannabis-based medication.

This can be seen in the case of Jayla Agbonlahor, niece of Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor, a 6 year-old girl who was stricken with a mysterious illness that caused her to experience violent seizures. Dumbfounded doctors tried everything they could but nothing seemed to work, however, it was not until her parents decided to go outside the law and treat young Jayla with CBD oil that her condition began to improve. This allowed Jayla to enjoy the simpler things in life which she had been denied from birth, such as sleeping properly, eating and watching kids cartoons.

21 year old student, Kate Munford has been calling for the NHS to introduce medical cannabis after being diagnosed with a brain tumor which keeps coming back. Kate was actually my reason for writing this, given that she is around my age and that traditional medicine has failed her, I feel it is our duty to, if not fully introduce cannabis into health care plans, study cannabis as a form of medicine with an eye to implementing it into treatment plans in a bid to help those suffering from long term illness.

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