Vince Cable upholds Lib Dem’s cannabis promise

Aug 24, 17 Vince Cable upholds Lib Dem’s cannabis promise

In the run up to the election, Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats made the bold claim that they would legalise cannabis should their party come into power, this didn’t happen obviously. To me, and possibly many, this really seemed like the last ditch effort of a party doomed to fail. I could barely recall Farron’s face let alone any of his policies prior to seeing him on question time on which he essentially fumbled and bumbled along the sentiment of ‘Theresa May is not very nice’ and while that may be the case, a competent politician it does not make.

Like any righteous, proud, god fearing British male, I am not adverse to admitting I am wrong. And that is exactly what I am doing now after seeing new Lib Dem leader Vince Cable reveal that the party still stands by it’s previous sentiments concerning marijuana. Cable believes that it makes more sense to monitor and control the cannabis market, a sentiment echoed by the former Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam (and Deputy PM) some months ago, which would stop street dealers and the like from mixing the substances themselves, naturally this would lead to a sharp decline in dangerous street skunk being readily available.

While I admit it is unlikely that Cable will be the next Prime Minister, a coalition of some form is a possibility as seen with the recent Tory-DUP coupling and the past Tory-Lib Dem pairing which may lead to some headway in the future. Also, Cable is quite a senior politician, therefore his word may hold influence over other politicians. On top of this, it wouldn’t be strange to imagine that Jeremy Corbyn would also be in favour of this, although whether he will have another shot at glory remains to be seen.

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