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Feb 27, 17 VIP Seeds Seed Bank

This March, our Breeder of the Month is a company that has put its name to some very important seeds indeed. With a huge and enviable cannabis catalogue, these guys really know their indicas from their sativas, and we’re delighted to have them on board. Meet the VIP Seeds Seed Bank!

VIP – or Very Important Plant in longhand – is a purveyor of really high quality seeds all of which were created in response to the feedback of customers. Put simply, the VIP Seeds Seed Bank mission is to provide top-shelf cannabis seeds at more affordable prices – after all, cannabis is a plant whose products everyone should be able to enjoy.

The VIP Seeds Seed Bank breeders built up a bank of the best European cannabis genetics and crossed the most compatible varieties to create a whole new range of cannabis strains. With years of experience from all over the world, they were able to conduct a range of quality-assurance tests – a long and painstaking process but one which guarantees perfect results in all seed-lines. All varieties are carefully reviewed for germination and production before going on sale, making this a seed company that carries the hallmark of cannabis excellence.

The company continues to introduce new strains and has built up a huge cannabis catalogue. Three of our favourites that really capture what these guys have to offer are VIP Auto, Amnesia VIP and White Berry. The first is an autoflowering indica plant that’s really easy to grow and is ready in just 60 – 70 days depending on the area of cultivation. It’s a very powerful smoke and combines elements of White Dwarf and Northern Lights. Approach with caution!

Amnesia VIP has an 80/20 indica/sativa ratio and very high THC levels. It’s made by adding a Lemon twist to the classic Amnesia strain and the results are mind-blowing! With yields of 400 – 600 g/plant indoors and 450 g/m2 inside, this is a fantastic strain indeed.

And, finally, White Berry. Tokers who smoke lightly throughout the day, but want a deeper stone at night, may find that this ripper meets all their needs in one attractive, easy-growing package. She has a 75/25 indica/sativa ratio, and yields of 400 – 450 g/m2 indoors and 400 – 500 g/plant outside.

What’s more, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on the VIP Seeds Seed Bank range for the whole of March, making this a brilliant opportunity to add some very important cannabis seeds to your collection. It’s an offer not to be missed!

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