White Widow Cannabis: A Brief History.

Mar 23, 16 White Widow Cannabis: A Brief History.

White Widow cannabis: everything you need to know about the White Widow cannabis strain and related White Widow cannabis seeds and White Widow weed.

In 1994, a master breeder called Shantibaba founded the Green House Seed Co. with Dutch partner, Arjan, before releasing the White Widow cannabis strain. This now-famous hybrid is the offspring of a pure sativa mother (Brazilian) and Keralan (South Indian) hybrid father. The mother plant was, in all probability, Manga Rosa, an old-school Brazilian landrace. Shantibaba was on a trip to India when he discovered the Keralan father, an ancient indica hybrid selected over many generations for its power and resin production. Shantibaba is now the sole keeper of these legendary parents. They are safely stored away in the Mr Nice (the company he is now involved with, alongside the late Howard Marks) clone library.

This fact seems to have put paid to the disputes surrounding the ‘true’ creator of White Widow cannabis seeds, as it is Shantibaba alone who is able to reproduce the original hybrid. The White Widow cannabis plant from Mr Nice also has the most familiarities with the strain that Green House Seeds Co. entered into the 1995 Cannabis Cup. Ingemar, the breeder with the closest, alternative claim to the strain’s ownership, has a version of cannabis White Widow and numerous related hybrids available via the De Sjamaan seedbank. He is also collaborating with Arjan at Green House, supplying him with plants and clones which allegedly include the original White Widow strain.

While the quality and potency of this Widow is undisputed, the authenticity of his version will remain in contention until further evidence is brought to light. Decent White Widow weed sparkles with crystalline resin, a twinkling portent of the sheer strength of the bud. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy explodes shortly after the first smoke, stimulating both conversation and creativity. Its genetics have spawned many legends like White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow, with most of them exemplifying the delicious strength of the parent strain.

These days, nearly every breeder has a White Widow with claims to be the original. There is a story that in 1996, both Nirvana and Dutch Passion obtained a single pack of White Widow cannabis seeds from Shantibaba and within a year had released their own White Widow cannabis strain. There is little doubt that these are all high-quality plants, but whether they can be considered originals is open to debate. New breeders continue to emerge, claiming authority over the White Widow, but there can be only one truth. The mystery seems to have only added to the romance and reputation of what is, undoubtedly, a truly great strain.

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