Why weed?

Jul 17, 17 Why weed?

Not everyone smokes cannabis, not everyone should smoke cannabis, I wish that weren’t the case but sadly cannabis is not for everyone, like fish or nuts, not everyone likes cannabis and being stoned is just not for them. That is fine, does that mean cannabis should be persecuted and marginalized? Hell no! There is much more to cannabis than simply the act of getting stoned, the medical potential of CBD is vast and could benefit everyone if allowed to be utilized fully. I digress, I love getting stoned, I really do, it is much nicer than getting drunk, I admit I do prefer the actual act of drinking but I much prefer being stoned to being drunk, it is miles better for a number of reasons, but I’m not really here to compare cannabis to other intoxicants, rather I am here to wax poetic about what I, personally, love cannabis.

To me, cannabis has never really been a problem in my life, there was a time when I was younger that cannabis did make me somewhat lazy and took over my life a little bit but I soon got over the initial overwhelming feeling of it all and cannabis slotted easily into my life. Through smoking cannabis a bit more casually, I found that being a bit stoned boosted my creativity significantly.

On top of this, I generally find that I can function quite well when stoned, with my mind somewhat clear, calm and able to face and carry out tasks with little to no restrictions on my mental faculties. This is to say, I think more so outside the box when stoned, occasionally these ideas can be a little too ‘out there’ for particular tasks but they are nonetheless ideas and ones which can most likely be used at a later date.

Also, entertainment is just, well, more entertaining. As a creative, films and television just come alive when I am stoned, I gain much more of an appreciation for the way things work. I would love to hear what other people love about being stoned or the reasons they have for taking cannabis.

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