Will new stoners arise from legalisation?

Aug 02, 17 Will new stoners arise from legalisation?

Marijuana is looking more and more likely to become legal in this country within the next decade, now that may not seem like a lot, but what you’ve got to remember is that the issue has only really started to become a serious question within the past five or so years. What began as a pipe dream years ago has really gained steam in the past few years, and that is the question of marijuana being decriminalised or legalised in the UK.

We in the UK had to sit in our houses and smoke weed while a brief trip across the pond in Amsterdam people were blazing up all different strains of marijuana and various forms of hash and resin in the comfort of a Coffee Shop. Not that I’m bitter or anything, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with a very quaint feel, which kind of reminds me of the city I call home. The city is built perfectly for marijuana smokers and those looking for a cultural experience alike.

I digress, the Amsterdam analogy was prescient due to the fact that marijuana is not looked down upon over there, it is the kind of thing that people from all over the societal spectrum do. It is more widely accepted than smoking cigarettes, which is very reasonable and is the kind of thing that would be included in a night out there. This prospect of marijuana being part of a night out or a majority, as opposed to a minority, is an exciting prospect. The only reason marijuana is not considered social where drinking is, is due to the fact that it is illegal and therefore has to be done in your home as opposed to in a bar, pub or club.

This brings me round to the thought that maybe if weed were legal the stigma would be removed and people would be more open to trying it, or more importantly accepting of it. Whilst I would prefer people to see the medical benefit which can come from cannabis, it would also nice to see non-stoners not looking down on those who smoke weed and accepting that certain things which are legal, alcohol and cigarettes, are probably a lot worse for you than marijuana.

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