Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis

Oct 28, 16 Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis

The ever-increasing popularity of medicinal-quality marijuana strains has led more and more breeders to experiment with plants that can be used to relieve a variety of different ailments. GYO Seedbank’s latest Strain of the Month is no exception – ladies and gentlemen, meet the delightfully spiritual Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis

Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis, it must be pointed out, belongs to a brand-spanking-new generation of top-quality strains. From the selective inbreeding of an extremely potent indica and a stable White strain, the breeders have produced a plant which has been described by those in the know as ‘the ultimate pleasure’ – and quite rightly so. Of all the cannabis varieties out there, this is certainly one of the most calming and contemplative we’ve ever encountered.
Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis is an indica-dominant medicinal strain that is able to thrive both indoors and outside. Although the indica genetics account for 75% of its overall make-up, there’s also a sativa twist which helps to prevent things from getting too heavy. When smoked, the overall experience is one of total relaxation for the body and mind, which is perhaps why this particular plant is often used by sufferers of chronic pain. Recreational users, too, have benefited from its ability to facilitate a chilled out and peaceful finish to the day after a strenuous shift at work. While by no means a party-starter, it’s still sociable in its own way, and is great when enjoyed with small groups of friends in the comfort of one’s own home.
Let’s examine some of the specifics, shall we? The aroma contains mouthwatering notes of juniper and cedar, and the flavour is a complex and pungent affair with clear and distinct notes of berries and cherries. For those boffins interested in the facts and figures relating to the growth cycle, flowering time is 8 – 9 weeks and gardeners can expect yields of 450 g/m2 indoors and up to 400 g/plant outside. What’s more, this strain is very suitable for hydro as well as bio, and with a THC content of 20 – 24% to boot, there’s a lot to like about this potent little number!
Committed as we are to sharing the love with our GYO customers, we are currently offering double Eucalyptus Points on Zensation by Ministry of Cannabis feminized cannabis seeds as part of our Strain of the Month series. So head over to the catalogue now, and give your spiritual side some much-needed tender love and care!

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